Hi I'm Kelly, and I love adventures!

Kelly Goes Exploring is meant to inspire others to add a little adventure into their lives.

I started this blog in 2010, as a way for my Mom to follow my travels and make sure my sister and I were safe and sound while traveling to Canada. After that I just kept on going and found it was a great way to share my travels with family and friends.

People always ask for tips, itineraries and help booking so I decided to be start my own travel agency...so if you'd like some help planning your next adventure, to send me a message!

In real life, I'm also digital designer who spends her days creating experiential environments and events while daydreaming about the next adventure. I've designed everything from educational medical animations to broadcast commercials.. PR stunts to movie premieres. Traveling allows me to find new inspiration in the places you’d least expect.

Vacations are filled with memorable experiences and I love learning about new places through others personal experiences. I hope my journeys inspire you to see the world as much as others have inspired me! 

↞ Designer  » Animator » Photographer » Explorer ↠