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Horseback Riding Adventures In Bryce Canyon National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park is a place you need to see to believe. The unbelievable and surreal landscape is like something out of a science fiction novel. Crimson “hoodoos” fill the landscape for as far as the eye can see down into the canyon below. The park has a 18 mile scenic drive that takes you to a bunch of amazing viewpoints. This drive is a great way to begin your visit because you’ll be able to get a good sense of the park and get all of the eye candy you’ll want to see right away!  Believe me you’ll just stand in awe of the tall spires in front of you and marvel at the bright orange landscape. What better way to head down into the canyon on a thrilling guided horseback adventure!?


Being situated at 8,000-9,000ft in elevation, hiking around the park can be a bit of a challenge for those not acclimated, though totally worth it, even if you need to take frequent breaks.To give your legs and lungs a break, take a horseback ride down into the canyon! We had opted to go with Canyon Trail Rides for our trip and loved every minute of it!